I’m at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia tonight, where along with about 40 incredibly talented kids and adults I’ll be performing (to a full house!) a super fun classic Broadway-style number that I wrote as the opening number to my alma mater’s  70th anniversary gala. As I walk through the labyrinthian halls of this incredible venue, I can hear people singing my music as I turn every corner, laughing at the lyrics, and perfecting layers of harmony.

As a composer/lyricist, this is the moment you cherish beyond any other: when that little ditty you heard in your head one day at 3AM is brought to life and becomes everything you imagined it could be and more. It is a truly amazing feeling, and thank you to everyone who made it possible. And for those of you who will be here tonight – strap in for a killer opening number!

“From Akiba to Barrack to Broadway”
Music and Lyrics by Michael Bihovsky
Performed by Akiba/Jack M. Barrack Hebrew
Academy students and Alumni
Kimmel Center – March 22, 2017