In Solidarity with the Dallas Police

I would be incredibly remiss after my post yesterday about the brutal and tragic murder of Philando Castile if I did not also take time to express my horror and outrage about the slaying of five Dallas police officers out of supposed “revenge” for the murders earlier this week.

There is no revenge for murder, let alone revenge that is aimed not at an individual, but at a group that an individual belongs to, whether it is his profession or the color of his skin. There is no revenge for murder. There is only more hate and more murder.

Policemen are, on the whole, extraordinary. They offer us their service, their protection, and in terrible cases like this, their lives. My heart goes out to the victims of this senseless violence, and to their families. I thank and honor them for their service and protection, and pray that by some miracle such acts of hate will demand that we all look at each other very closely, beneath race and sex and religion and politics and every other trait, and see our own selves in each other’s eyes.

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