How Many More? The Orlando Shooting

I know you’re not supposed to “politicize” a tragedy, but I also don’t know how to live in this world if we don’t learn from mistakes, especially when they have such deadly consequences. Just last week, President Obama talked about how because of the NRA (and the politicians they fund), the government can’t even prevent people on terrorist watch lists and known ISIS sympathizers from buying guns. Well, this gunman was both of those things, and the subject of two FBI investigations. The government KNEW he was dangerous, and because of the NRA, was powerless to stop him. He bought this gun legally. And now 49 people are dead, 53 injured, thousands upon thousands of family and friends in mourning. How many more will there be?

This “assault-style” rifle is the type of weapon al-Qaeda encourages followers to buy in the US to inflict mass casualties. It was illegal until 2004, but then Congress let that ban expire. This gun’s job is mass murder, and it does that job well. An “assault-style” rifle was the San Bernadino gun, the Aurora gun, the Sandy Hook gun. Now it’s the Orlando Pulse gun, too. And if you want to go buy one right now – you can. Even if you’re on a terror watch list and a public ISIS supporter. Even if you are mentally ill or a convicted felon. This gun is yours, if you want it.

I refuse to believe that there isn’t a way to protect people’s right to hunt and/or protect themselves, and still get weapons like this off the market and out of the hands of terrorists. 91% of people want it done, including most NRA members. But it doesn’t happen because of the demagoguery of NRA leadership and the cowardice of the overwhelmingly Republican politicians they pay off.

I don’t ever want to hear again that Republicans are the ones who are “tough on terror.” Because THIS is terror. And they let it happen. And they will let the next time happen, and the next, and the next. Make your own decision of what to do with that information.

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