“One Grain More” – Available Now!!

I am thrilled to announce the release of “One Grain More” – the Les Misérables food allergy parody that will knock your hypoallergenic socks off!


This project has been a *long* time in the making, and features the incredible talents of Lily Bayrock, Megan Ermilio, and Michael J. DeFlorio.


We already have a national media campaign planned – but I need your help to make this video a success! Here’s what you can do to help “One Grain More,” and make the food allergies go viral:


1)      Check out the video on YouTube

2)     If you like it (and you will!), post a link on your Facebook wall and/or Twitter account, and on the walls of anyone who you think will get a kick out of it!


With your help, we believe we can make this video go viral – so grab a plate of quinoa and a glass of oat milk, and help us spread the word about “One Grain More”!!


I am also pleased to announce my new website, www.michaelbihovsky.com, featuring slick new designs and loads of new songs, videos, and other content! Check it out, and best wishes to all!



8 Responses to ““One Grain More” – Available Now!!”

  1. Tamar says:

    Great job! Great voices. And as a performer, and an allergy sufferer, I really enjoyed it!

  2. Rick says:

    Are the lyrics posted anywhere? There are a few lines that I can’t make out the words. (=

  3. Mark says:

    I’d also like lyrics.. It was awesome, BTW, and I sent it to my gluten-free friend! I understood most of it, but with the harmonies and tempo, a few words got muddled.

  4. Iumi says:

    I loved it! I cried! I laughed! I agreed! I’ve had to be dairy and gluten free for 10 YEARS AND I am still trying to make the PERFECT GLUTEN FREE BISCUIT. Alas, IT’S NOT POSSIBLE.
    and you’re right, carob tastes like crap. Oh, thank you thank you…..both my husband and I are gf (no, we’re not related other than by marriage…it just turned out that weird way), and our friend posted this on his fb, right after we tried to enjoy our BUCKWHEAT (only) pancake facsimile. Perfect timing. Being southern on one side (biscuits) and swedish on the other (cinnamon rolls) I have spent many gf years searching for the ONE GRAIN MORE that might actually help me create the treasures of my childhood. So far no such luck. Well, thanks so much…..I really needed this. BTW, in terms of “going back”…..I will not. I cannot. Gluten is like that really bad boyfriend I was addicted to in college. I FEEL GOOD NOW WITHOUT IT, and it’s not worth the pain to return. THANKS!!! I will be forwarding the video to MANY PEOPLE who will I am sure, enjoy it and forward it on. Iumi

  5. acasilaco says:

    I don’t have any food allergies, but I love Les Mis. This is brilliant. Very entertaining. Great work!

  6. Alison says:


  7. Naomi says:

    Another plea for a lyric sheet. I’ll even PAY for it.

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